Summer time in the CBS (Central Belt Scotland)


Its been a while, hasn’t it.  No excuses, we know we all have busy lives. 

Right now Scotland is experiencing their hottest summer on record.  We are not longer use to the heat like we were in California.  This week we took a family trip to Edinburgh to renew our passports.  It was a roasting hot beautiful day.  The women at the consulate asked our son if he had been to California and he responded “yes”.  She then asked “Do you like it there?”  He drew a blank he can’t remember too much of the last time he was there.  It was six years ago and he was only 5.  We told him California is well hotter than Scotland he then replied “That’s too hot.” 

This summer we have decided to do an outreach day in August.  We are praying this weather lasts.  Last year we had over 150 people attend.  We pray God will bless with opportunities for the gospel.  Scott will be teaching an evangelism class to the church before the event to freshen up and encourage Cornerstone to share the gospel.  Please keep August 10th in your prayers.  We expect good things along with you. 

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